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UM Native American Center

Download: The Native American Center Brochure in pdf format.

Native American Center Brochure

What is the Native American Center?

  • A bridge between Native American and mainstream cultures.
  • The first facility in the nation built expressly to accommodate a Department of Native American Studies, an American Indian Student Services office, and other related campus programming.
  • An academic center, social and cultural hub, and gathering space.
  • A 19,900 square foot facility anticipated to cost $6 million.
  • A symbol of goodwill, unity, and intersection.


The Payne Family Native American Center Tour Contact Information:

To arrange a formal tour or set up room arrangements, please contact the Native American Studies Department at:

For general campus visits and tours of the entire campus please contact The University of Montana's Enrollment Services Department at 406-243-6266 or visit their Admissions Website.

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