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Student Group Listing by Category

Academics and Honors

  • American Indian Association of Science Scholars (AIASS)

    Purpose: Provide opportunities to share research and education experiences by American Indian students; encourage leadership; build community relationships.

    • Contact: Ruth Swaney -
    • Advisor: Aaron Thomas -
  • American Indian Business Leaders

    Purpose: To show the Native American culture on campus as well as teach students how to create and run their own business.

  • American Indian Graduate Student Association (AIGSA)

    Purpose: Provide a forum for sharing research and experiences in graduate programs.

    • Contact: Ruth Swaney -
    • Advisor: Kathryn Shanley -
  • American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES)

    Purpose: Provide opportunities for students to pursue studies in science and engineering fields; encourage leadership; and build community relations.

    • Contact: Roger Mad Plume -
    • Advisor: Aaron Thomas -
  • Anthropology Student Association, Montana (MASA)

    Purpose: To act as a resource for students at U of M interested in Anthropology. We promote the four fields of Anthropology on campus and throughout the community

  • Athletic Training Student Association, UM (UMATSA)

    Purpose: To prepare students for a successful career as a qualified allied health care professional, educated and experienced in management of health problems associated with sports.

    • Contact: Reegan von Wildenradt -
    • Advisor: Valerie Moody -
  • Badminton Club

    Purpose: To provide an environment for students to interact and to promote the sport of badminton in Missoula and the Northwest.

    • Contact: Han Jie (Eddy) Leow -
    • Advisor: Jameel Chaudhry -
    • Facebook: UM Badminton Club
  • Beta Alpha Psi- Delta Kappa Chapter

    Purpose: To recognize outstanding academic achievements in the fields of accounting, finance, or information systems and promote the study and practice in professional fields related to these disciplines.

  • Creative Anachronism, Society for

    Purpose: An educational group dedicated to researching and recreating the Middle Ages through living history.

    • Contact: Kyrie Gloria -
    • Advisor: Julia Jackman-Brink -
    • Website:
  • Debate, UM ("Forensics")

    Purpose: To be a competitive forensics team, and to engage the public through a variety of activities.

    • Contact: Matthew Powell -
    • Advisor: David Airne -
    • Facebook: University of Montana Debate
  • Delta Rho Tau

    Purpose: Organization fundraising activities for PT students interested in attending national physical therapy such as the CSM and NSC

    • Contact: Kellie McMahon -
    • Advisor: Elizabeth Ikeda -
  • Druids, Montana

    Purpose: Honors group of College of Forestry students dedicated to unifying student groups, alumni, and faculty.

    • Contact: Kelsey Hay -;
    • Advisor: Ronald Wakimoto -
  • Economics Club

    Purpose: To foster the student interest in Economics outside of the class room.

  • Exercise Science Students Association

    Purpose: We strive to raise funds and community awareness for the HHP department and provide learning, assistance, and volunteer opportunities for exercise science students.

    • Contact: Keagan Shillington -
    • Advisor: Steven Gaskill -
  • Forestry Student Association

    Purpose: To further forestry at the University and to provide discussion on forestry questions. And to host the Foresters' Ball.

    • Contact: Leslie Neu -;
    • Advisor: Elizabeth Dodson -
    • Website:
    • Facebook: Forestry Club
  • Geography Club

    Purpose: To engage the wonder of the world and consider the magic of geography by promoting interdisciplinary research; this group also serves to create a social setting to connect students and better unify our department.

    • Contact: Michael P. Capozzoli -
    • Advisor: Kevin McManigal -
  • Geology Club, UM

    Purpose: To inform the public and other students of geology. To advance scientific knowledge.

    • Contact: Robert Wayne Bazo -;
    • Advisor: Nancy Hinman -
    • Facebook: University of Montana Geology Club
  • Gerontology Society

    Purpose: A student service group working toward filling the gap in knowledge about gerontological issues and advocating for seniors in need.

  • Graduate Business School Association- GBSA

    Purpose: Promote collaboration among graduate students, the school of business and the community to foster innovative ideas through guest speakers, conferences and trips.

  • Graduate Student Association

    Purpose: Representation of graduate students in the shared governance university setting; community building for graduate students university-wide; provide support and opportunity for research and professional development.

  • Honors Student Association

    Purpose: Community service in conjunction with the Davidson Honors College, student leadership group for DHC.

    • Contact: Tessa Richards -;
    • Advisor: Laure Pengelly Drake -
    • Website:
  • Information - MT Information Systems Assc (MISA)

    Recognized: 2013-2014

    Purpose: For the advancement of MIS majors' networking, job opportunities, and knowledge in the field.

    • Contact: Spencer Sheehan -
    • Advisor: Clayton Looney -
  • Linguistics Club

    Purpose: To facilitate extracurricular activities that promote the study of language and its use, host presentations by guest lecturers and faculty.

  • Marketing , U of M American Association

    Purpose: Marketing focused student groups striving to give students real-world experience and connections.

  • Model Arab League

    Purpose: To provide an academic atmosphere surrounding parliamentary procedure and policy of the Arab League, in a mock and educational environment.

    • Contact: Elizabeth (Betsy) Story -;
    • Advisor: Samir Bitar -
  • Model United Nations, Montana

    Purpose: To stimulate a deeper knowledge of the United Nations; to develop and establish a working understanding of the humanitarian, social, economic, cultural, legal, and political problems of the world; and to provide free and open forum for the study and discussion of these problems.

    • Contact: Drew Surratt -
    • Advisor: Karen Adams -
    • Website:
  • MontPIRG, Students as

    Purpose: Educate and empower the next generation of civic leaders to create positive, tangible change

    • Contact: Hailey Duffin -;
    • Advisor: Sara Rinfret -
    • Website:
    • Facebook: MontPIRG
  • Mortar Board National College Senior Honor Society

    Purpose: To promote scholarship, leadership and service on the University of Montana's campus and in the surrounding community.

  • Music Union

    Purpose: The Student Music Union oversees 15 separate ASUM-recognized groups within the School of Music including University Choir, Chamber Chorale, Concert Band, Symphonic Wind Ensemble, University Orchestra, Jazz Bands, Percussion Club, Opera Theater, Keyboard Society, Saxophone Club, Flute Choir, Composer’s Club, Vocal Practicum, sNATS (student National Association for Teachers of Singing), and the UM branch of NAfME-c (National Association for Music Education, collegiate). As a union, our aim is to provide SMU groups with the resources to offer UM students a complete and diverse musical education in addition to outreach activities in the community through concerts and annual tours.

    • Contact: Austin Sprenger -
    • Advisor: Maxine Ramey -
  • Nonprofit Leadership Student Association (NLSA)

    Purpose: The NLSA/UM is an organization dedicated to providing its membership with cultural and social co-curricular opportunities with the intent of enriching the students professional leadership potential in the field of nonprofit administration in conjunction with NLSA and UM.

    • Contact: Genevieve Day -;
    • Advisor: Andrea Vernon -
  • Order of Omega

    Purpose: The recognize and unite fraternity and sorority men and women for their scholastic, philanthropic, and benevolent achievements, and to encourage them to continue in their pursuits of excellence, inspiring others and interacting with faculty and community members along their path to distinction.

  • Paralegal Student Association, Missoula College

    Purpose: To promote Missoula College Paralegal Studies Program and outside class experiences that contribute to the understanding of the judicial process.

  • Petroleum Geologists, American Association Student Chapter

    Purpose: University of Montana student chapter of AAPG.

    • Contact: Elyse Rector -
    • Advisor: Marc Hendrix -
  • Phi Theta Kappa Chapter - Beta Eta Epsilon

    Purpose: Honors society at the Missoula College, recognizing students for their academic achievement and promoting outreach in the community.

    • Contact: Curtis Lee Kotecki -;
    • Advisor: Steven Stiff & Brian Lorson -;
    • Facebook: PTK Beta Eta Epsilon Chapter
  • Philosophy Society

    Purpose: To promote discussion among students.

    • Contact: Joel Johnson -
    • Advisor: Matthew Strohl -
    • Facebook: U of M Philosophy
  • Physical Therapy Student Association

    Purpose: To promote awareness and understanding of physical therapy and health-related topics through speakers, university, community, and state-wide projects and activities.

    • Contact: Kellie McMahon -
    • Advisor: Beth Ikeda -
  • Pi Sigma Alpha - Political Science Honor Society

    Purpose: Honor Society for Political Science Students.

  • Pre-Professional Health Sciences Club

    Purpose: We are a club meant to be a resource for students entering the medical field; in particular, we are meant for pre-med, pre-ba and pre-dental students.

  • Psychology Club

    Purpose: To provide an association for undergraduate psychology enthusiasts.

  • Psychology Graduate Student Association (PGSA)

    Purpose: To increase the voice of graduate students in the psychology department.

    • Contact: Laura Ambrose -
    • Advisor: Duncan Campbell -
  • Public Health Student Association, University of Montana (PHSA)

    Purpose: To advance the interest and goals of the Public Health profession and to create a greater spirit of collegiality and cooperation among the students, faculty, staff, and alumni of the University of Montana Public Health Program.

  • Recreation and Park Association, Montana Trails

    Purpose: To provide a formal venue in which University of Montana students can pursue their passions and prepare for a career in the field of recreation.

  • Recreation Association, Student

    Purpose: To have fun practicing safe recreating skills and to help educate the community about recreation.

    • Contact: Anna Cressler -
    • Advisor: Elizabeth Metcalf -
    • Website:

    Purpose: (1) Peer and faculty interactions (2) resources for academic achievement (3) opportunities for community involvement (4) professional achievement

    • Contact: Kylie Bull -
    • Advisor: Amy Glaspey -
    • Facebook: SCHWA-MT
  • Society for Ecological Restoration

    Purpose: To promote ecological restoration as a means of sustaining the diversity of life on Earth and reestablishing an ecologically healthy relationship between nature and culture.

  • Society of American Foresters - Student Chapter

    Purpose: To provide students with an opportunity for professional development through mentorship, experience, and connections.

    • Contact: Joshua Smith -;
    • Advisor: Christopher Keyes -
    • Website:
  • Teachers Of Singing, Student National Association

    Purpose: To educate soon to be teachers in vocal skills.

    • Contact: Brigit Baglien -
    • Advisor: Kimberly James -

Environmental Interest

  • Air and Waste Management Association

    Purpose: Enhance knowledge and expertise by providing a neutral forum for information exchange, professional development, networking opportunities, public education, and outreach.

  • American Fisheries Society, Student Subchapter

    Purpose: AFS is dedicated to providing students with a way to learn more about fisheries issues, make contact with fisheries professionals, and to assist in the development of future professionals.

  • Climate Action Now-UM

    Purpose: We are a group of students wanting to take action on climate change issues relating to the UM campus, community, nation, and internationally.

  • Deep Ecology Club

    Purpose: To provide students with an avenue to explore environmental ethics and further their knowledge of the deep ecology movement.

    • Contact: Michal Helman -
    • Advisor: Christopher Preston -
  • Forum For Living Appropriate Technology (FLAT)

    Purpose: To demonstrate sustainable living in an urban context for the benefit of the campus and community.

    • Contact: (Casey) Dov Wienman -;
    • Advisor: Len Broberg -
    • Website:
    • Facebook: UM FLAT
  • Reinvest Montana

    Purpose: Advocate for fossil fuel divestment, as well as environmentally/socially responsibly investment practices and UM.

  • Wilderness Association

    Purpose: To provide a platform for students to engage in wilderness policy, legislation and wilderness experiences by being politically involved, advocating for wilderness issues and traveling to wilderness areas throughout the state.

    • Contact: Morgan LaPointe -
    • Advisor: Natalie Dawson -
  • Wildlife Society

    Purpose: To provide members with networking opportunities, job skill practice, and community outreach.

Language and Culture

  • African Students Association

    Purpose: To unite African students with other cultures on campus.

    • Contact: Ewere Suzette Moseri -
    • Advisor: N'Djekornom Laobeul -
    • Facebook: The UM ASA
  • Black Student Union, UM

    Purpose: To celebrate, discuss, and enrich students of African American heritage and culture.

  • Brazilian Grizzly Association

    Purpose: Support the community of Brazilian students on campus; promote Brazilian culture around Missoula.

    • Contact: Amanda Maria Oliveira -;
    • Advisor: Peter Baker -
    • Facebook: Brazilian Grizzly
  • Cercle Francophone, Le

    Purpose: See French Club

  • China Table

    Recognized: 2013-2014

    Purpose: For students of the Chinese language department to study and have Chinese-related activities.

    • Contact: Christian Slavin -
    • Advisor: T.R. Bradstock & Zhen Cao -; Zhen Cao -
  • Chinese Student and Scholar Association

    Purpose: Help Chinese students study abroad, organize activities, and spread Chinese culture.

  • Circolo Italiano

    Purpose: See Italian Club

  • French Club

    Purpose: To provide an opportunity to practice French outside of the classroom.

  • German Club

    Purpose: Per Article II of our Governing Document: "To increase awareness of Central European Culture and to provide a venue for students to explore and participate in activities related to Central European culture."

    • Contact: Milly Allen -
    • Advisor: Marton Marko -
  • International Food and Culture Festival

    Recognized: 2013-2014

    Purpose: ISA is a student organization that represents all of the foreign students of The University of Montana.

  • International Student Association

    Recognized: 2013-2014

    Purpose: ISA is a student organization that represents all the foreign students of The University of Montana.

  • Irish Club (An Cumann Gaeilge)

    Purpose: Celebrate Irish language and culture.

    • Contact: Amanda Segar -
    • Advisor: Traolach O'Riordain -
    • Facebook: An Cumann Gaeilge (UM)
  • Italian Club (UM Circolo Italiano)

    Purpose: The purpose of Italian Club is to provide an opportunity for UM students of Italian and interested community members to practice their language skills in a social setting and to explore and share aspects of Italian culture.

    • Contact: Shannon Buswell -;
    • Advisor: Evelina Badery Anderson -
  • Japanese Student Association

    Purpose: Promoting positive cultural exchange between Japan and the University of Montana.

  • Kyi-Yo Native American Student Association

    Purpose: To bridge the faculty and students of The University of Montana, through extracurricular activities, we will engage others in our traditions in order to unify and promote the cultural identity of Native Americans.

  • Mount of Olives Arabic Language and Culture Club

    Purpose: To provide a place for students of Arabic to explore the culture and language of the Arab World.

  • Saudi Students Club

    Purpose: To share our culture with other students.

    • Contact: Saeed Alsaiari -
    • Advisor: Daniel Dwyer -
  • Spanish Club

    Purpose: To offer students a chance to speak Spanish in a relaxed environment as well as promote cultural diversity and understanding.

    • Contact: Aaron Johnson -
    • Advisor: Kelly Noe -
    • Facebook: Spanish Club Missoula
  • Taiwanese Student Association

    Purpose: To promote the communications and culture of Taiwanese and help new coming Taiwanese student settle down on campus.

    • Contact: Sheng-Han Hsieh -
    • Advisor: Tung-Chung Mou -


  • Chamber Chorale

    Purpose: UM Chamber Chorale is a select group of musicians (from all majors) who work to perform a wide variety of music at the highest level of artistic excellence.

  • Composers Club

    Purpose: To organize and promote student composition events.

    • Contact: Lucas J Mesenko -
    • Advisor: Patrick Williams -
    • Website:
  • Concert Band, University

    Purpose: To provide a performing outlet for all university students under the direction of Kevin Griggs.

    • Contact: Kristen Cottom -
    • Advisor: Kevin Griggs -
  • Flute Choir

    Purpose: To spread the gift of music through flute ensemble.

    • Contact: Lauren Reineking -
    • Advisor: Margaret L. Schuberg -
    • Facebook: UM Flute Choir
  • Jazz bands

    Purpose: To rehearse and perform quality jazz music to students and audiences both in and out of state.

    • Contact: Cole Bass -
    • Advisor: Rob Tapper -
  • Keyboard Society

    Purpose: To support and encourage piano students at U of M through concert events, social interaction, educational opportunities, and financial assistance for keyboard-related endeavors.

    • Contact: Megan Meadows & Heidi Brower -;;
    • Advisor: Christopher Hahn -
    • Facebook: University of Montana Keyboard Society
  • Music Educators

    Purpose: To prepare music education students for careers in music through preparation and job connections.

    • Contact: Natalie Law -
    • Advisor: Lori Gray -
  • Opera Theatre

    Purpose: Our group's purpose is to teach students the art of singing and performing opera at a professional level while, at the same time, providing the university and city with a beloved form of entertainment.

    • Contact: Benjamin Fox -
    • Advisor: Anne Basinski -
  • Percussion Club

    Purpose: Organization of all percussionists in UM music ensembles.

  • Saxophone Studio

    Purpose: To unite all University of Montana saxophone majors to accomplish mutual goals.

    • Contact: Matt Austin -
    • Advisor: Johan Eriksson -
  • Symphonic Wind Ensemble

    Purpose: To provide musical enrichment for its members as well as the citizens of Montana.

  • Symphony Orchestra

    Purpose: To better the musicians in the group and perform at various venues.

  • University Choir

    Purpose: A large group meant to foster the talent of members within.

    • Contact: Stephen Borsum -
    • Advisor: David Edmonds -
    • Facebook: UM Choirs
  • Vocal Practicum, UM

    Purpose: Provide unique and excellent vocal training opportunities for members.

    • Contact: Marissa Nielsen -
    • Advisor: Anne Basinski -
  • Women's Chorus

    Purpose: Give public and private music performance, perform at campus celebration and athletic events, outreach programs to state high schools


  • Advocates, UM

    Purpose: Student representatives of the University, campus tours, orientations, community service.

  • Circle K, UM

    Purpose: Circle K builds responsible students, citizens, and leaders with a lifelong commitment to community service.

    • Contact: Jennifer Keller -;
    • Advisor: Colleen Kane -
    • Facebook: UM Circle K
  • Colleges Against Cancer

    Purpose: To fundraise and raise awareness in the fight against cancer.

    • Contact: Sarah Shapiro -
    • Advisor: Brent Hildebrand -
  • Griz for Unicef

    Purpose: Griz 4 UNICEF is a campus initiative to raise awareness of humanitarian crises through fundraisers and other events.

    • Contact: Eamon Ormseth -
    • Advisor: Janet Finn -
    • Facebook: Griz for UNICEF
  • Operation Smile

    Purpose: To raise funds for and spread awareness about Operation Smile, a national organization that funds cleft lip and palate surgeries around the world, as well as volunteer in the school and community.

    • Contact: Victoria Hinter -;
    • Advisor: Jennifer Schoffer-Closson -
    • Facebook: Operation Smile U of M
  • Pre-Veterinary Sciences Club

    Purpose: To assist students with the veterinary school application, make informal decisions on their school of choice and perform undergraduate activities.

  • Up Til Dawn - UM

    Purpose: To build awareness and raise funds for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

    • Contact: Miranda Fox -;
    • Advisor: Emily Plant -
    • Facebook: UM Up Til Dawn
    • Twitter: @UMUpTilDawn
  • Volunteers in Action

    Purpose: To promote volunteerism among UM students and help meet community needs.

    • Contact: Shelby Stormer -
    • Advisor: Colleen Kane -

Special Interest

  • Anime Club, UM

    Purpose: To share an appreciation for Japanese culture through the observation of anime and other activities.

  • Artist Collective, University of Montana (UMAC)

    Purpose: To provide a cohesive organization for the advancement of individual and collective needs, and organize shows, auctions, dances, and other events to engage students and the community with art in all its forms.

    • Contact: Alissa Wynne -;
    • Advisor: Edward Morrissey -
    • Website:
  • Camas: The Nature of the West

    Purpose: Camas Magazine cultivates a community of writers and artists dedicated to promoting ecological and cultural diversity and resilience in the American West.

    • Contact: Nick Triolo & Emily Withnall -;;
    • Advisor: Phil Condon-
    • Website:
    • Facebook: Camas Magazine
  • Circus Club

    Purpose: To allow students to explore circus activities in a safe way that provides an outlet that promotes physical fitness and self confidence.

    • Contact: Carissa Lund -;
    • Advisor: Heidi Jones-Eggert -
    • Facebook: UM Circus Club
  • Computer Science Club

    Purpose: To provide students with a network to communicate with like minded individuals.

    • Contact: Michael Couso -;
    • Advisor: Michael Cassens -
    • Facebook: UM Computer Science Club
    • Twitter: @UofM_CS_Club
  • Crafters, UM

    Purpose: We are dedicated to making things as a form of stress relief and socialization. We also enjoy learning crafts that we otherwise, as poor college students, might not get a chance to try.

  • Criminology Club

    Purpose: To expose interested students to the diverse areas of criminology and forensic science.

    • Contact: Sarah Clark -;
    • Advisor: Dan Doyle -
    • Website:
  • Culinary Competition Team, Gourmet Griz

    Purpose: To augment culinary education by competing at ACF sanctioned regional, national, and international events.

  • CutBank Literary Magazine

    Purpose: To uphold the 40+ year tradition of publishing CutBank twice a year, creating three chapbooks, and promoting University of Montana programs with our nationwide publication.

  • Dance Club, Student

    Purpose: To support and enhance the dance experience of university students as well as to promote dance on campus and in the Missoula community.

    • Contact: Emily Vascimini -
    • Advisor: Heidi Jones Eggert -
    • Facebook: ASUM Student Dance Club
  • Entrepreneurship Club

    Purpose: Foster entrepreneurship within the University of Montana and the Missoula area.

  • Filmmakers Association, Student

    Purpose: To create and produce the best damn short films and animations that we possibly can.

  • Fire Ecology and Management, UM Student Association (UMSAFEM)

    Purpose: Facilitate experience and networking for students interested in wildland fire ecology and management.

  • Folklore Society

    Purpose: Share and enjoy folk music and dance.

    • Contact: Morgan Eichwald -
    • Advisor: Vicki Watson -
  • Forensics Club

    Purpose: See Debate Team

  • Global Grizzlies

    Recognized: 2013-2014

    Purpose: To provide medical aid to the developing world and to provide pre-health profession students with an opportunity to learn about international medicine.

  • Grizzlies for Change

    Purpose: Grizzles for Change offers an environmental for individuals to come together to improve oneself, our campus and the world through unconditional love and service.

  • Grizzly Strong

    Purpose: To provide support and leadership training to the cadets at the University of Montana in all areas of their lives.

    • Contact: John Chmelik -
    • Advisor: Glory Blood Artis -
  • Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club, UM

    Purpose: To keep free flight in Missoula alive.

    • Contact: Kaitlin Bolinske -
    • Advisor: Nicholas Arthur -
  • Indigenous Filmmakers Club

    Purpose: To promote indigenous filmmakers and help American Indian filmmakers produce their ideas.

    • Contact: Destini Vaile -
    • Advisor: Theodore C. Van Alst -
    • Facebook: Indigenous Filmmakers Club
  • Interfraternity Council

    Purpose: Interfraternity Council (IFC) allows delegates and officers from all of the fraternities at the University of Montana to come together as a governing body for fraternities.

  • League of Legends

    Purpose: To bring a safe, friendly, and fun League environment to the U of M.

    • Contact: Cale Patenaude -
    • Advisor: Peet McKinney -
  • Medieval Combat Society, UM

    Purpose: To practice and develop Medieval combat skills and techniques while abiding by the national standards set down by the Belegarth Book of War.

  • Ministry of Magic: Department of Magical Education

    Purpose: Promote equality and help empower under-served and underprivileged people through collaboration with other groups, community education, and advocating for social justice by linking them to popular culture.

  • One Thousand New Gardens

    Purpose: To restore the spirit of Missoula as the Garden City through backyard garden-bed installation, bringing together students and the community through education, outreach, and service.

  • Oval Literary Magazine

    Purpose: To provide University of Montana undergraduates with publications and presentation in which to present their original writing to the Missoula community.

  • Panhellenic Council

    Purpose: To provide support to the four on-campus NPC sororities.


    Purpose: To provide resources, support, and mentoring to youth in rural Montana.

    • Contact: Emily Withnall and Rachel Mindell -;
    • Advisor: Devin Carpenter -
    • Facebook: UM QUEST
  • Swing Kidz

    Purpose: Provides members the opportunity to have fun, hone their skills as dancers, and make friends within Missoula's dance community.

    • Contact: Ben Dawson -;
    • Advisor: Michele Antonioli -
    • Facebook: UM Swing Kidz
  • Trendsetters at The U

    Purpose: To provide the University of Montana with a fashion blog created by students reflecting the styles and fashions of Missoula, MT.

  • University Players

    Purpose: To provide students of all experience levels and disciplines a chance to express themselves through student theatre.

    • Contact: HanaSara Ito -
    • Advisor: John DeBoer -
    • Facebook: UM University Players


  • Archery, UM

    Purpose: To provide a safe and educational environment where students can enjoy the sport of archery.

  • Backcountry Club, UM

    Purpose: To introduce new and experienced back-country skiers to new places around Missoula, MT.

    • Contact: Blake Votilla -
    • Advisor: Keith Bosak -
    • Facebook: UM Backcountry
  • Baseball Club

    Purpose: Represent the University of Montana on the baseball field, and travel across the Northwest to make the NCBA World Series.

  • Climbing Club

    Purpose: To establish a climbing community at the UM climbing gym by holding competitions, going on climbing trips, etc.

    • Contact: Eric Wall -
    • Advisor: Elizabeth Fricke -
    • Facebook: UM Climbing Club
  • Cycling, UM

    Purpose: Promoting competitive cycling and active lifestyles.

    • Contact: Cameron Best -;
    • Advisor: Jeff Bookwalter -
    • Facebook: UM Cycling
  • Equestrian Team, UM

    Purpose: To allow every student the chance to learn and compete in equestrian sports.

  • Fencing Club (UMFC)

    Purpose: To promote and practice the sport of fencing and athleticism through an environment of exercise, education, support, and teamwork.

  • Frisbee, Men's ("Smokejump" formerly "Bear Fight")

    Purpose: Teach, learn and play ultimate frisbee.

  • Frisbee, Women's ("Pillow Fight")

    Purpose: To play, promote and compete in Women's College Club Ultimate.

    • Contact: Linetta Maeder -;
    • Advisor: Michael Faris -
    • Facebook: Montana PillowFight
  • Handball, UM Team

    Purpose: Playing team handball.

    • Contact: Gergely Kaposi -
    • Advisor: Robert Saldin -
  • Hockey, Griz

    Recognized: 2013-2014

    Purpose: Provides opportunity for UM students to participate in competitive and recreational hockey.

    • Contact: Lindsey Coffin -
    • Advisor: Doug Coffin -
  • Hurling Club, Grizzlies

    Purpose: To take part in the sport of Hurling.

    • Contact: Naoise Waldron & Laine Lyles -;
    • Advisor: Traolach O'Riordain -
    • Facebook: Montana Grizzlies Hurling
    • Twitter: @GrizHurlers
  • Lacrosse, Men's

    Purpose: The purpose of our group is to not only gather all of the lacrosse players in our school, but also to expand the sport in Montana.

  • Lacrosse, Women's

    Purpose: Allow students an opportunity to engage n and learn to play women's lacrosse.

    • Contact: Danie Albo -
    • Advisor: Jed Fiebelkorn -
    • Facebook: Montana Women's Lacrosse
  • Longboarding Club

    Purpose: To build a sense of community through longboarding.

    • Contact: Bryce Rowe -
    • Advisor: Jerry Furniss -
    • Facebook: U of M Longboarding
  • Rowing Club

    Recognized: 2013-2014

    Purpose: To give the students of The University of Montana an opportunity to experience rowing.

    • Contact: Julia Milto -
    • Advisor: Jim McKusick -
  • Rugby, Men's ("Jesters")

    Purpose: To provide a club rugby team for male University students to participate in, to foster healthy competition, to create an atmosphere of fitness and camaraderie.

  • Rugby, Women's ("Betterside")

    Recognized: 2013-2014

    Purpose: To engage and empower women of our university while playing a team sport representing our school, and all women athletes.

  • Sports Union

    Purpose: A union for all sports groups at The University of Montana.

    • Contact: Cody Dems -
    • Advisor: Kate Oyler -
  • Triathlon, UM

    Purpose: To train for and compete in triathlons, and to help students get involved in the sport.

  • Woodsman Team

    Purpose: To compete in traditional Loggersports across the West.


  • Alliance for Disability and Students at the UM (ADSUM)

    Recognized: 2013-2014

    Purpose: A self-governing alliance of students who are dedicated to advocating for the equal opportunity of students with disabilities. We are committed to identifying and eliminating barriers on campus that impact individuals with disabilities.

    • Contact: Courtney Damron -
    • Advisor: Bernadine Gantert -
    • Facebook: ADSUM
  • Lambda Alliance

    Purpose: Lambda is a student group dedicated to promoting activism, dialogue, and education regarding issues in the gender and sexually diverse community.

  • Veterans Association, Student

    Purpose: Advocate for students vets, reservists, guardsmen, and dependents of veterans, and foster community within these groups.

  • Women's Resource Center

    Purpose: We are a consensus-based organization dedicated to raising awareness of women's and gender issues and 21st century feminism.

Spirituality and Faith

  • Catholic Campus Ministry

    Purpose: To provide ministerial services to students, especially those who are Catholic.

  • Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship

    Purpose: To promote the spiritual life of UM students by providing opportunities for friendship, worship and training, service missions, and prayer.

    • Contact: Johnny J. Fauerbach IV -
    • Advisor: Rayleen Hicks -
    • Website:
  • Cru

    Purpose: Interdenominational Christian group offering opportunities for students to explore and grow in the Christian faith.

  • Emmaus Campus Ministry

    Purpose: Support students in their faith journey and vocational calling.

  • Hillel, UM

    Purpose: To provide a Jewish community and pathway to religious and cultural observance for Jewish residents at UM.

    • Contact: Sarah Korn -;
    • Advisor: Adair Kanter -
    • Facebook: UM Hillel
  • Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

    Purpose: Our purpose is to establish and advance at colleges and universities, witnessing communities of students and faculty who follow Jesus as savior and lord: growing in love for God, God's word, God's people of every ethnicity and culture, and God's purposes in the world.

  • Latter-Day Saint Student Association (LDSSA)

    Purpose: To help students attending the University of Montana to have a balanced secular and spiritual educational experience during their years of formal education.

  • Muslim Student Association

    Purpose: Bring Muslims of diverse backgrounds and cultures together under unified community.

  • Simple Truth

    Purpose: To know God and make God known.

    • Contact: Ellie Hoffman -
    • Advisor: Nina Murch -
    • Website:
  • Wesley Foundation

    Purpose: The mission of the Wesley Foundation, United Methodist Campus Ministry, serving the University of Montana is to share the good news of Jesus Christ with students, faculty, and staff, and nurture their ongoing Christian discipleship.

  • Young Life

    Purpose: Ministry

Politics and Activism

  • Activism Association, Montana Student

    Purpose: Educating, empowering, and connecting diverse grassroots movements working for environmental and social justice across Montana.

  • Advocates for Non-Violence

    Purpose: ANV aims to reduce interpersonal violence on the UM campus by planning fun and educational outreach events that create a campus culture that does not tolerate attitudes or actions that are harmful to students well-being.

    • Contact: Schuyler Hollingsworth -;
    • Advisor: Leah Fitch -
    • Facebook: UM Advocates for Non-Violence
  • Democrats, College

    Purpose: To promote democratic values and engage the campus community in the political process.

    • Contact: Samuel Thompson -;
    • Advisor: Daniel Spencer -
    • Facebook: UM College Democrats
  • Peace and Justice, Students for

    Recognized: 2013-2014

    Purpose: To provide a supportive forum for students interested in peace and justice issues; promote public awareness, knowledge, compassion, tolerance, truth, and responsibility to further causes of peace and justice in our world.

    • Contact: Amelia Liberatore -
    • Advisor: Vicki Watson -
  • Planned Parenthood Leaders and Advocates (PPLA)

    Purpose: To educate students and community members of issues facing human reproductive rights and encourage political activism by specifically focusing on services that Planned Parenthood of Montana provides to the community in addition to larger political issues it faces.

    • Contact: Kaite Kammers -;
    • Advisor: Annie Sondag -
    • Facebook: PPLA UMT
  • Students Against Coal Trains

    Purpose: To involve students in protecting communities from the harmful effects of coal exports.

    • Contact: Corey Bressler -
    • Advisor: Vicki Watson -

Law School Organizations

  • Environmental Law Group

    Purpose: To raise environmental consciousness within the legal community, to provide hands-on experience with legal practitioners and serve the local environmental legal community and environmental organizations.

  • Native American Law Students Association (NALSA)

    Purpose: To promote the study of Federal Indian Law, Tribal Law and traditional forms of governance. To support Native American law students, as well as, educate the campus and greater community of Native American cultural issues that affect the law.

    • Contact: Christina Courville -
    • Advisor: Maylinn Smith -
    • Website: