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This is a well-known scholarship database and free scholarship matching service. If you would like to view a list of scholarships on this popular site click on the link here.

#2. IFEC Scholarship

IFEC brings food service editors, PR professionals and newsmakers to exachange and share resources. IFEC is offering scholarships to those in the journalism and public relations fields For more information click here.

#3. External Fellowships for Graduate Students

The following website provides excellent information on obtaining external grants and fellowships for Graduate students. Hosted by the University of Illinois, the site links to 800 fellowship listing and has advice for writing proposals and other resources to securing funding for graduate studies. The link to the website is located here.

In addition to the above website, Francisco A Tomei Torres has compiled many good resources on his website, located here.

#4. Issksiniip Project/Scholarship

The Issksiniip Scholars Project will aid active tribal or non-tribal TANF participants and other individuals whose income does not exceed 200% of the federal poverty guidelines with the opportunity to obtain education and training for occupations in the healthcare field that are expected to be in high demand. This scholarship is funded through the Blackfeet Community College and is open to members/descendants of all tribal affiliations.  However, it is only available to residents of the State of Montana. See online for more detailed requirements by clicking here.

#5. Wally McClure Student Fisheries Scholarships

The Resource Action Fund (RAF) was established by MCAFS in 1989 and has provided over $140,000 to support projects relating to Montana's aquatic resources. Originally designed to support small outreach and on-the-ground projects proposed by Chapter members, the fund has evolved to consider all types of RAF proposals, including habitat, management, conservation, fish passage, research, and data management projects from both members and non-members Focus areas include projects showing clear benefit to native and special concern species. See online for more detailed requirements, as well as varying deadlines, here.

#6. Watson Children's Shelter Alumni Scholarship

This scholarship is to assist former residents with post high school educational needs. Qualified applicant ,must be 16 years or older. Must have resided at WCS for 24 or hours or more, have completed a GED or received a high school diploma and show need for assistance towards a higher educational need such as college or trade school. See online for more detailed requirements. There is no deadline. To apply, visit the Watson Children's Shelter webpage here.

#7. Montana Farmers Union Scholarships

Montana Farmers Union offers several scholarships to promote students who want to go further in the study of agriculture. See online for more detailed requirements on the different scholarships, as well as various deadlines, by clicking here.

#8. Hayek Fund for Scholars

The Hayek Fund for Scholars awards grants to aspiring and established academics pursuing liberty-advancing careers and educational initiatives that go beyong standard curricula. The two-fold aim is to help scholars advance their careers, and to innovatively connect students with the ideas of liberty. The Hayek fund includes two distinct award categories. See online for detailed requirements by clicking here.

#9. Scholarships that Accept International Students

For a list of popular scholarship programs that accept applications from international students, click here.

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