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Jesse Hall

Franny Friesz, Jesse/Turner/Knowles Administrative Assistant

Phone: 406-243-2554
Image of Franny FrieszFranny Friesz has been a member of Residence Life for 3 years, as a Resident Assistant, Office Assistant, Conference Assistant and Program Coordinator before becoming a Hall Administrative Assistant. She graduated from The university of Montana in the Spring of 2012 with a BA in Art Education. Franny spends her free time in the company of her husband, Toby. Together they enjoy camping, hunting, floating, watching movies, and spending quality time with each others’ families.

Hugh Kingery, Head Resident

Hugh KingeryHugh is a senior studying both History and Spanish education. He is in his second year with Residence Life and was an RA in Turner/Knowles Halls his sophomore year before becoming the Assistant Head Resident of Turner/Knowles. After graduation Hugh plans on joining the Peace Corps and eventually becoming a high school teacher in Montana. In his free time Hugh enjoys swimming, taking walks by the river, swing dancing, and reading.

Annaleigh Newall, Assistant Head Resident

Annaleigh is a senior studying business management and dance reigning from Mount Vernon, WA. She hopes to one day open her own dance studio focusing on classes for special needs people. She is in her third year with the Residence Life Office, first working in Duniway and then Miller, before becoming the Assistant Head Resident of Jesse. When Annaleigh graduates in the spring, she hopes to find a job teaching dance. In her free time, Annaleigh enjoys baking, working with children and catching up on her latest Netflix obsession.

Student Staff

 Resident Assistants: Alli Bargelski, Emelyn Falley, Karen Heser, Kelsey Johnson, Lydia Killea, Michael Knowles, Ryan MacNeil, Claire Michelson, & Zach Stoeger

Resident Technology Assistant: Bradley Lewis

Student Custodian: Emily Eaton

Desk Assistants: Cali VanValkenberg