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What is Student Affairs IT?

Students receive assistance from RTAs in the SAIT office

Student Affairs IT provides free and low-cost tech support and computer help for students of the University of Montana.  We can help with anything that has an on/off switch, but listed below are some of our more popular services:

Resident Technology Assistants also create The 404, a monthly newsletter posted in your residence hall.

We operate the SAIT Service Desk in the UC Atrium 11 AM - 5 PM for free or low-cost tech support. We also provide phone support 8 AM - 5 PM. You can check out our products and services page for more details.

Wireless in the Residence Halls

All residence halls and Lewis and Clark Village are equipped with convenience wireless. This means that the wireless should be used for email or Facebook. If you want to stream videos or play video games, we advise that you connect via Ethernet. As more hotspots are installed around campus, this site will be updated and we will post updates on our Facebook page.

If you need help, check out our instructions on connecting to UMwpa.

Meet Student Affairs IT

What is the DirectConnect Service?

DirectConnect is the Internet service provided to all students living in the residence halls and in the Lewis and Clark Village (LCV). The bandwidth is equivalent to standard DSL in most residential homes.

Through a DirectConnect connection in your room, you can:

  • collaborate on class computing assignments with other students on or off campus
  • utilize library resources
  • correspond with professors, friends or family via email, instant messenger or webcam
  • gather information for research projects

Your connection is included with the cost of your room, although Winter and Summer session rates for Internet still apply. You need an Ethernet cable to connect your computer to the network. These cables are available at the Student Affairs IT office, or at the desk of your Residence Hall. If you have completed the DirectConnect webpage and don't want to wait the 30-45 minutes for a new IP address to access internet please check out our FAQ and in the Miscellaneous section there is a step-by-step guide on how to renew it manually in a matter of seconds!

Student Affairs IT Mission:

The mission of the SAIT Office is to provide technical education and support to University of Montana students and staff of the division of Student Affairs. It is to work towards enhancing the utilization of technology by students and staff as well as to encourage and enable student learning by educating in addition to providing IT support.