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About Student Affairs IT

About SAIT

Student Affairs IT was originally started with the Resident Technology Assistant (RTA) program in 1999 and was located in Jesse Hall. The program moved to its current location, 014 Elrod Hall, in 2006 and became Student Affairs IT. SAIT is now run by five full-time employees who oversee nine Resident Technology Assistants (RTAs), two RTA Coordinators, and a student programmer.

SAIT provides technical support to all students of the University of Montana, and offers in-room support to on-campus residents through the RTAs. SAIT also supports departments within the division of Student Affairs.

In 2014, Student Affairs IT opened a Service Desk in the UC. The desk is open M-F 11 AM - 5 PM.

Coby Greenhagen assists a student in the SAIT office

What is an RTA?

RTAs are students who live in the residence halls and at the Lewis and Clark Village, and are available four nights per week to help residents with technical issues such as connecting to the Internet, troubleshooting cable connections, assisting with in-room phones, and other computer issues. Interested in becoming an RTA? Please visit our employment page for more information.

Meet the RTAs

Christian Decan

Christian DeCan, the Knowles Hall RTA, is of modest birth, hailing from Florence, Montana. He worked his way up the corporate ladder, conquering occupations such as McDonald’s and Campus Quick Copy until he landed himself the prestigious role of Resident Technology Assistant at the University of Montana. True to his Biology major, Christian is constantly making advances in the field of Pokemon genetic engineering. His other hobbies include the piano, guitar, and getting hopelessly lost while on his way to class.

Kori Fairfield

One could consider Kori Fairfield, the Miller Hall RTA, a modern Renaissance woman. Hailing from the distant shores of southern California, she practiced as an apprentice falconer for two years before making the journey to the University of Montana to study Biology and Astronomy. Now a sophomore, this will be her second semester as an RTA. When not saving the Internet, she enjoys battling with her elite Pokemon team online, leveling up her Medic perk in Killing Floor, finding geocaches, camping, creating special effects makeup, or doing Perler bead crafts.

Lee Gordon
Lee Gordon, the Elrod and Duniway Halls RTA, is a post-baccalaureate majoring in Computer Science, his previous studies being in English Literature and Creative Writing.  Active in the local Buddhist community and the local Masonic Temple, he enjoys spending his spare time on beekeeping, meditation, reading, and pickin’ on his acoustic.  He believes learning is a multi-lifelong process, and urges all his fellow students with the following:

“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”
-Will Rogers
Coby Greenhagen
Coby Greenhagen, the Pantzer Hall RTA, is a third year Computer Science major. He was born in raised in Glasgow, MT, and decided to pursue his degree at the University of Montana. Using the power of his mind he joined the ranks of the RTA's a year ago and to this day fights for computer justice. In his free time he enjoys watching eSports (Go TeamSoloMid) and playing computer games.
Quinton Greenhagen
Quinton Greenhagen, the Lewis and Clark Village RTA, was born and raised in the metropolitan region of Glasgow, Montana. Commonly known as Protocol Q, he joined the Fellowship of the RTAs in 2011. As a 4th year Computer Science major, Quinton speaks fluent Java and is working to finish his bachelors during the upcoming Super Senior year. He currently resides out at LCV. He enjoys playing League of Legends, Magic the Gathering, and just about any board or card game with friends.
Lillie Hedges
Lillian (Lillie) Hedges, the Turner Hall RTA, is a sophomore at the University of Montana and is Turner's RTA. She is majoring in Physics and Astronomy and loves to star-gaze when the night skies are clear. She was born and raised in a small town called Portola Valley, CA. She loves anime, especially Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and playing a few video games including Pokemon and Mario Kart when she is not working or slaying dragons and defeating dungeon trolls.
Jordan Kress
Jordan Kress, an RTA Coordinator and a senior in the economics program, comes from Walnut Creek, CA. When not teaching himself guitar or Python, he enjoys cribbage and listening to old delta blues records.

Kristy McInerney

Kristy McInerney, the Aber Hall RTA, is a Business sophomore here at UM. She grew up Shields Valley, Montana, near the Bridger Mountains. Her favorite pursuits are reading, hiking, and eating food.  Her favorite books ever are the Harry Potter series and her saddest disappointment is how Eragon turned out as a movie.
Andrew Musgjerd
Andrew Musgjerd, the Jesse Hall RTA, is majoring in Business MIS with a specialization in consulting. He loves the outdoors, computers, and hanging out with friends.
Alex Uchiyama
Alex (or Arata) Uchiyama, the Craig Hall RTA, is a junior studying Japanese, and is planning on getting a computer science minor. He loves traveling and is in his third year living in Montana. He is also somewhat proficient in Japanese and loves tea, especially when winter hits. He is known to enjoy outdoor activities, such as rafting and hiking! He also enjoys co-op games with his friends or friends of friends.
Leanne Wright
Leanne Wright, an RTA Coordinator, is originally from Fairfield, Montana. She is currently a senior studying anthropology. In the rare moments that she is not at the SAIT office or doing homework, she is working on becoming a connoisseur of slushies or going for long walks along the river trail.