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Employment Opportunities

Resident Technology Assistant

The mission of the SAIT Office is to provide technical education and support to University of Montana students and staff of the division of Student Affairs. It is to work towards enhancing the utilization of technology by students and staff as well as to encourage and enable student learning by educating in addition to providing IT support. Furthering this mission, the RTA position will provide residents with live-in technology support as well as help desk support for off-campus students and University staff.


RTAs provide technical support and service to residents of their assigned building. Additionally, they work at the Student Affairs IT Office, providing support to Student Affairs departments and residents from any of the residence halls. RTAs are contracted to work 22 hours a week (24 hours for coordinators), with time split between supporting Student Affairs staff, supporting students in their rooms, and being on call. RTAs are required to live in their assigned residence hall.


Here are some testimonials of student employees of SAIT:

June Noel (2006-2009): I would definitely recommend this job. You learn real world experience. Its not a job you just do and then graduate and forget about.

Clif Cunningham (2004-2006):  This is a great position to make you marketable to real world employers after you have graduated but, for me was so much more than that.  It was a team that I remain proud to have been part of.  Many of the people in that team I keep in touch with and would count in my closest friends.

Dustin Osterg (2000-2004):  This job teaches you how to quickly think on your feet. It allows you to relate to other people, to want to help them.  It teaches you how to speak to people, and how to rapidly change your vocabulary depending on your target audience. Not just technical stuff, but managerial, or talking to your spouse and children. It's about how you want to portray something.

Andy Morse (2005-2009): Use the job to benefit yourself. Even though it's a job, be learning. Put this on your resume, it means something. I learned better customer service skills. Working in the office you work with the biggest diversity of people. You are helping everyone from students to IT staff to important people on campus. This job taught me how to handle any situation. 

Luke Smith (2006-2010): You really need to look at it as more than just a student job -- it is an opportunity to grow as a person.


RTAs are provided a tax-free award toward a single room and meal plan that they work off at 22 hours per week. 

This is only a brief overview. For full details, please see the RTA Position Description.

Hiring typically takes place near the end of Spring semester.  However, there is occasionally unanticipated turnover and applications will be kept on file through the academic semester.

Web Programmer

Part of our program includes the employment of students as web programmers. Information will be made available as positions open.